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Should a Woman be President?

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Nowadays, it seems to be quite natural that a woman should be and can potentially be a President, since she does not differ either mentally or morally from a great number of men which traditionally dominate in politics and social life. It is obvious that a woman is also a useful member of the political society. Moreover, some political and philosophical concepts and views of a female leadership are more stable, informative and logical. In fact, this is the result of the observations based on the real life activities and experience than on political data and doctrine.Speaking about present day situation, it is worthy of mention a very famous woman, Hillary Clinton. Ferrous character and will have not allowed her to lose any serious battle in her life, she has got used to hold a blow and not to incline under the load of problems. Hillary is a very ambitious woman. In the American political life, Hillary looks like a bright and outstanding figure. She has energetic, full of enthusiasm supporters and no less sharp adjusted opponents.
Speaking about her foreign policy, observers underline that Clinton started to promote her own position that is different from that of the current administration not by chance, and it is not because the rate of republicans falls down day by day. Not entirely right policy of republicans is the primary goal of her appearance on political arena. In most of her interviews, Hillary Clinton criticizes the foreign policy of George Bush in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran. As for Iraq, she supposes that the gradual withdrawal of the American troops is absolutely necessary. By the way, she underlines that the protection of human rights is in our interests just to move forward the freedom and principles of democracy. Moreover, she is sure that they should restore the relations between other countries (cited in The American Conservative, March27,2006)
She correctly describes the world we live in: development of terrorists network; growth of weapon supplies; situation in North Korea, openly testing rockets and nuclear weapon; active position of Iran, elaborative own nuclear potential; civil war in Iraq etc (The American Conservative, March27,2006). She earnestly underlines (, Oct.31, 2006):
First, and most obviously, we must by word and deed renew
internationalism for a new century. We must value diplomacy
as well as a strong military. We should not hesitate to
engage in the world’s most difficult conflicts on a
diplomatic front.
That is why, agreeing with her policy, seventy percents of the American electors are ready to give their votes for the candidate of female sex on presidential elections of 2008, and 62 percents consider that a woman can govern America (cited in ABC News, Sept.27,2005). Geena Davis portrayed this question in ABC drama, saying:
I think we should just be talking about the person who is
the president, rather than their sex.
Greater part of electors has already determined with their sympathies and they are absolutely sure that democratic senator from the state New York Hillary Clinton, who has lived in the White house for eight years though in other status, must be on the post of the president. Others, traditionally voting for republicans, offer the Secretary of State Condolisa Rice as a candidate on the presidential arm-chair. But it is up to voters to decide as their general policy and leadership of these two female candidates are absolutely opposite, because Condolisa Rice is the main Bush’s sticker.

Comparing Hillary Clinton with other female leaders I should say that her political views and directions are respectively right. For example, one more woman, one more strong character – Margaret Thatcher. Certain political, ideological and moral options, which were conducted or aimed to conduct by Margaret Thatcher, and also her specific style of guidance – here are the key success of this woman. Here political philosophy is also interesting. Its base is made up by several elements. It is an apologetics of free enterprise and personal initiative. A direct financial benefit, desire to “arrange life as good as possible on your own and for the family” is one of the stimulus that Thatcher described. Being on the post of the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher undertook energetic efforts on the reformation of the British economy and whole society. Many state companies were privatized with the purpose of increase of economy efficiency. In numerous conflicts, Thatcher showed herself as a decisive politician and a great leader of the state, involving all of soldiery and diplomatic possibilities, for renewal of sovereignty of Great Britain.
Thatcher deserved a nickname “iron lady” thanks to her decisive actions for the inflexible following of a selected course, in spite of verbal attacks and criticism.
But all in all, the common idea is that a woman-president will manage much better with problems in a social sphere, especially in health protection and educational system, than a man. Speaking about defense, no doubt a woman is trusted not greatly, but it does not mean that a woman gains no understanding in martial law. Anyway, sex or it is better to say gender does not matter in this case.However, the womanish charm only is not enough for victory: a candidate for a presidency must have a successful career equally competing with men. All the listed names of female Presidents are those women, who have the common idea of governing their country. They mostly fight for reconstruction of relations between countries, normalizing of economic situation and of course, extermination of problems in the sphere of health care and education. That is why, hoping that a woman will smooth out contradictions in the society better than a man, people vote for a woman.
So summing everything said before and all the facts, I can say that this information gives a clear portrait of a modern woman leader of a country and proves that every highly educated woman having a goal and aspiration for reaching it can become a bright head of the state.
But there is still one more question: “Should a woman be a President?”. To my mind the concept of woman president is something speculative, going beyond the generally accepted rules and at the best subject to the theoretical and philosophical comprehension. Our society is still hardened in the patriarchal character. That is why this concept is examined as an exception and it sis often not mentioned in general.
According to objective tests of possibility, a woman does not have limitations for implementation of duties of a president. Moreover, some researches, conducted by scientists showed that in a number of cases a womanish paradigm of management, based on the non-hierarchical system, is lying on the ground before masculine. A woman generates more strong connections, comes from “life logic”, she has close connection with nature that is especially important at the beginning of the XXI century, when a question of planet survival sharply stands before us.
However, all these facts have never been taken into account, but the point is that considerably higher requirements were preferred to a woman at all levels of management. So, it is obvious that to reach a Presidency in any case, in any country and under different circumstances is quite difficult for any woman of the state.

7 Easy and Trendy Hairstyles for Female


Maybe each college girl has gone through that – due to various activities like late-night cramming, staying late in the library, a date, an experiment at your laboratory, you are left only several hours to sleep and wake up late with only very several minutes to rush to your classroom. When there is no sufficient time to dress up, how to be a fashionable girl? Go to class with terrible sculpt and bad hair? No! Here I suggest you 7 hairstyles, both easy and fabulous. They can play a greater role when your time is pressed.

1. Slip on a Headband

No enough time to do your hair? There is an easier way to cope with. What you need to prepare is just a headband. That is right, just a headband. First, find a brush to sooth out your hair; then cover your hair up with a headband. You will look spirited and trendy instantly. See Blair on Gossip Girl.

2. Make a Chic Ponytail

Apply a little anti-frizz cream first to your curly hair, if so. Scrunch in curl cream to bring out some waves if your hair is straight. Tease hair at the crown then pull into a low ponytail. Leave a ½ inch strand out and secure the ponytail with a clear elastic. Wrap the extra strand around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

3. Get Rid of Grease

Are you always in troubled for your greasy hair? Because of the pressed time, you are unlikely to wash your hair every day and have to wear greasy hair to have class. Do it with this trick: if your hair is light or bronze, apply some baby powder to it. If not, say if you are a brunette, use a big soft brush for makeup or dry shampoo. They freshen your hair by absorbing grease. And then clean your hair with a flat iron, you can go to your class.

4. Do a Front Hair Poof

This hairstyle is quite popular, a great way to hide bangs you might be growing out and upgrade your temperament, welcomed by many people from stars to ordinary girls. It is also very simple to do. Just separate the section of hair from temple to temple, tease it with a fine-toothed comb and secure with two bobby pins in an X. If your hair won’t stay in the bobby pins, tease the section more or increase pins.

5. Do a Messy Bun

For most college girls, it is very easy and maneuverable since it just take several seconds. Gather your hair on top of your head and wrap an elastic band around 2-3 times. Next, shape the bun with a few bobby pins that match your hair color, pull out a few ends to make it messier, and finish with a spray of hairspray.

6. French Braid Sideways

Inspired by Matthew Williamson, this style is best if you’re good at French braiding, but with practice anyone can do it. Part your hair to the side then French braid across your hairline, securing with a clear elastic. This look is boho chic so leave the rest of your hair messy.

There you have it, the top 6 easy hairstyles for days when you don’t have time to spend on your hair. Be a fashionable girl forever!

Eye Wrinkles Home Treatment and Creams


hitoduma8There are various eye wrinkles home treatment remedies which you can find and all these are naturally helping you prevent eye wrinkle development. Over the counter creams are available as well to help achieve a wrinkle-free clear skin. But which among all these anti-wrinkle treatments work best if people are having different types of skin?

Wrinkles are those fine lines that start to form around your eyes, face and neck and are usually prominent on the eyes. These are the main signs of aging. And no one wants those muscles under their eyes to sag and create all those wrinkles when all they want is a healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.

The eyes are more prone to wrinkles. This is where the first signs of aging occur because the oil glands around the eyes’ skin are reduced. Thus the skin is dehydrated which leads to wrinkle formation.

Preventing eye wrinkle formation and achieving a wrinkle 袔 free face is not quite difficult if you know how to take care of your skin. Eye wrinkles home treatments takes a step or two to follow. Like your sleeping habits. The way you sleep and your sleeping position can actually affect your skin’s appearance and health. Most experts suggest that sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent wrinkles.

While you are in your sleep your skin is starting to rejuvenate to replace old cells that have been damaged during the day. Sleeping at least 7 – 9 hours a day is very important. If you keep on sleeping for less than 7 hours, your body will start producing more cortisol a hormone that damages your skin’s elasticity or collagen fibers.

Removing your make up and washing your face before sleeping is very important as well. Applying a restorative cream will help a lot in preventing wrinkle formation.

Your next step to a wrinkle 袔 free face is washing your face in the morning and applying a good and gentle moisturizer. Although exfoliants and toners may work on your skin these products may cause damage and irritation to your skin. Nothing is better than applying a gentle moisturizer after washing your face and patting it dry.

The last step in having an eye wrinkle treatment at home is to protect your face from the sun. You can wear a hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen. And if you’re wearing make 袔 up make sure that you are using mineral and water based ones. This will help in your wrinkle prevention.

The real secret of having a young beautiful skin is on the food you eat. There are certain foods that will shield your skin from being damage inside out. Certain vitamin containing foods will do a great help in protecting your skin as well as in helping you prevent skin cancer. These foods will not only keep your skin looking younger, smoother but they will get rid of your wrinkles, too.

Some of these foods include strawberries, papaya, tofu, soymilk, carrots, tea, coffee, egg yolk, edamame, red bell peppers, pink grapefruit, salmon, corn, sardines, broccoli and tomatoes.

Best Variety Of Girls Shoes


Girl ShoesShoes complete the beauty of the person. Shoes are one of the most important items that add to the looks of the person. You will love to wear shoes that compliment your dress. This is very important. Right combination of shoes and dress makes the person look nice. There are many types of shoes to choose from. Dress shoes look fantastic as they are cute and colorful. There are many varieties in this type of shoes. You will be pleased to wear such shoes all the time. They enhance your beauty. Hence, many people wear them.

Shoes For Everyone

There are many shoes that look good on everyone. Dress shoes have a typical look and feel about them. You will love to see shoes that have a nice design. With wholesale girls dress shoes, you can be sure to impress people around you. Since wholesale shoes can be found in many places, a lot of people are interested in them. You will love to buy such shoes and wear them regularly. In many places, you will get good looking shoes that are durable and pretty. Wholesale girls dress shoes are very beautiful. You can get many varieties in these items. Since people wear shoes all the time, there is a need for different shoes for different occasions. With wholesale shoes, you can get many types of footwear. You can wear them and flaunt their beauty. You will be pleased with such shoes. People will love to see such shoes.

Experimenting With Shoes

Since shoes are one of the most popular items, people like to wear them and feel pretty. You should go for shoes that have nice colors. The color of the shoes should match the dress you are wearing. This brings out a nice effect. You will be pleased to see such shoes. You can try different varieties of footwear all the time. There are shoes for every occasion. With various dresses, you can change the way people perceive. You will get lots of compliments from people for your shoes. Good shoes say a lot of about the people wearing them. In case you want to have a good impression on the people you are going to meet, you should surely go for good shoe varieties. People check out shoes of other people and form an opinion about them. Hence, shoes are very vital not just for looks, but for overall personality of the person.

In Conclusion

If you want to look nice and pretty, you should pay special attention to shoes. You can get people to like you with the help of your footwear. Good shoes make a dress look even better. Since there are many stunning varieties of footwear in the market, you can have many stunning shoes that will have an impact on others. People will ask you about your shoes. You should wear shoes that are charming. With such shoes, people will remember you for a long time after meeting you once. Hence, you should surely buy a good pair of shoes.

As an alternative to toxic skincare products, these do-it-yourself beauty tips can help you save time, money and your health.

Points to Remember Before You Look For Hair Extensions


Hair ExtensionIf you are looking for hair extension, then you can choose the one but before you should focus on the points that are essential. No more thin and rough hair because you have great hair extensions at your service. The business is not new in the market. But, every time customers look for hair extensions, they prefer something different and unique that will strengthen their hair and beautify their image. So, focus on the following points before you invest your money in hair extensions: 1. Quality- The hair extensions are quality tested and give you better look and feel. The extension will easily match your style and make your hair soft and supple. The experts test all the qualities of the hair and then offer the same to the clients. So, you will not get any bad quality hair extensions. 2. Safe and secure- Yes, these hair extensions are very much safe and secure. You can easily put in your hair to look good and it will not damage your existing hair or scalp. So, you can use them without any tension and feel happy from inside. Your beauty will reflect with your personality and confidence as well. So, move on and clip the hair extension as per the desired length. 3. Easy to set- These extensions are hassle free to set. You can ask the expert to do the same for you and if you want to set on your own, then read the following instructions and perform the activity as per your need. It is not tough and it will look very bad if you do not follow proper instruction of the hair extensions. 4. Available in various lengths- The hair extensions are available in different lengths. If you have short hair, then you can easily increase the length of the hair with hair extensions. They will give you a perfect look and professionally handled will help your hair look perfect. The decision of length depends on you and you will get the desired result. 5. Available in different hair style- You can choose straight or curly hair extensions as per your choice. It will help you show off your beauty and you can dress according to your occasion, dress and personality that suit you. You should look for the best one and it will fulfill your requirement. 6. Available in different colors- Colors of hair matters a lot and if you are looking for dark brown hair extensions, then you can search for the same. Yes, it is easily available and you do not invest so much money on the same. They are available at the best price and easily available without any hassle. Today, the hair extensions online is available at the best price. The online opportunity helps you sit in your home and check the samples on the website and check out the review, price and know the details before you invest your money. It is very easy these days and you do not have to run here and there to look for the perfect extension for hair. What are you waiting for? Come on and grab this opportunity because many companies are offering thanksgiving discount that will save your pocket.

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