Found a Little House to Fix Up


The perfect thing about this place is that I can easily afford to make the down payment, but obviously that is not going to get you the palace of your dreams. This place is tiny, but that is great for me since that means that there is less work in keeping the place up. Of course there is only me, so there is not a big need for room. The place needs a lot of things done to it, some big and some small. A Sacramento hvac services contractor came by it this morning to look at it. I asked him what it would cost to fix the heat pump, even though I knew that probably would be a waste of money. The system is so old that any work you do to it is probably just going to be like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. He told that, just like I expected and then he gave me a quote on putting in a whole new system. That was what I expected.

In fact there are plenty of things which are not that urgent and I can put them off. The bathroom is not like that. It is a real mess and I am afraid that the subfloor may need to be replaced. Of course the big thing that I have not done yet is to get some roofing company to look at the roof. I am guessing that it is close to the time when it needs to be replaced. That would be a big deal, although it is not really that big of a roof and I know some guys who probably would do it for me. Of course they are the types of guys who only work if you are going to pay them in cash.

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