How Your Shoe Tread Can Reveal Spinal Alignment Problems


I am crooked. Not in the thieving type of way, but rather in the crooked back kind of way. I joke with my chiropractor in Sacramento on how unbalanced I am. Of course, I am referring to the evidence in my shoes. I favor one side and wear out the treads on my shoes in an uneven manner. It is revealing of subluxations in the spine that get you to walk crooked because of your back. Pressure on the nerve roots in your spine will have you try to compensate. I have noticed that I will lean into the pain rather than straightening up to relieve the pressure that is causing the pain. This is especially true of my neck.

I will start to hunch over as my neck hurts. Instead of pulling myself upright into a proper posture, I will lean farther into the position that is causing the pain in the first place. I have no idea why we do this. People with lower back pain will start to bend forward when they walk rather than standing up tall in a proper stance for walking. The leaning into it causes more problems. When it is revealed in your shoe tread that you are walking miles and miles over time leaning into an improper stance, you are putting a lot of pressure on you back. This just leads to more pain and inflammation.

My chiropractor in Sacramento has helped me with immediate pain relief so that I can begin to retrain my body to stand upright in a proper posture. My posture while seated also needed a lot of work. The spinal adjustments help me fight the pain so that I can rebuild muscles needed to stand upright and not hunched over. Now my shoes are wearing out still, but they are wearing much more evenly.

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