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It is to be noted that Brazilian hairs are one of the most preferred ones amongst women because it is coarser than Indian hair and hence can hold a curl better. Apart from this, Brazilian human hair weaves from hair online blends easily with other hair textures and can be a great choice for curly hair. On the contrary, it will not be a great choice if the wearer has straight hair. Though it can be straightened with an iron, yet for people who wish to have BONE STRAIGHT hair, Brazilian hair is not a good choice.

Curls on the contrary will never go out of fashion and while choosing Brazilian hair, it is crucial to first understand what you want. A few options that are available in the market include wet and wavy hair, which offers deep wave. Another option is a loose wave and even Jheri curls. In case, the wearer prefers to look simple, then straight and silky weft is also available. All these types are either made of synthetic fibers that resemble natural hair or are made of natural hair. However, it is wise to opt for Brazilian human hair, which will give a completely natural and elegant look.

Coming to the maintenance of Brazilian hair, it requires the same kind or treatment as the hair on the human head. It is wise to wash it with a good shampoo and mild water when it gets dirty or if sprays have been used. It is advisable to run a brush gently through the hair to remove all the tangles. It is very crucial to keep the weave clean so that it serves for an extended period.

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