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How to Wear Colored Contact Lenses for the Best Effects


It is interesting to note that more and more consumers are choosing to wear contact lenses regardless for prescription purposes or otherwise. The primary reason for this shift of preference is the availability of colored contact lenses in the market.

Wide choices

The market offers a host of choices on colored contact lenses that cover a wide spectrum of hues and a myriad of delightful and captivating designs. These colored contacts can be worn as a fashion statement at different occasions with the right outfit to impact the audience or crowd.

Colored contact lenses come at affordable prices which encourage consumers to take on more than one pair for different occasions. There is a variety of designs that would be perfect for special occasions such as Halloween parties, fashion runways, dramas and private parties.

There are also plenty of stores in the neighborhood or on the Internet to purchase these exquisite colored lenses.

Wearing contacts

It is important to wear colored contacts properly for the best effect as these pieces are put closely to the eyes. Consumers should only consider purchasing and wearing quality colored contacts that would offer comfort and safety. Hence, it is wise not to scrooge on quality colored contacts to ensure safety and comfort for the eyes whether on a short term or long run usage.

Colored contacts can be found in a spectrum of categories to enjoy the dramatic effect over the immediate transformation of the wearer. There are crazy and freaky colored contact lenses which are ideal for crazy parties and celebrations such as Halloween nights and bachelor parties.

There are also sclera and glow-in-the-dark colored contacts which are impactful in the night. These are great pieces for a dramatic effect in a dark environment such as a drama or in a movie setting. There are also flag-colored contacts with various flag designs to showcase the patriotism of any consumer or a unique personal flag design is possible through custom designed colored contact lenses.

Kits and accessories

Colored contacts can be purchased with their appropriate kits and accessories for the best effects in wearing the pieces at different times and occasions. The contact kit is extremely useful for first time colored contact wearers to understand how to put on and take off the lenses safely without hurting the eyes.
Extra care and precautions should be exercised when wearing colored contact lenses as they are placed close to the eyes. High quality colored contacts should be considered for the best of outcome.

Pure Cosmetics – You Are What You Apply


When you think about it, it’s no surprise that what you put onyour body can have just as much of an impact on your health as what goes in. The skin is the human body’s largest organ, and is permeable to nearly all chemicals in some degree or fashion. After all, many drugs are administered by transdermal skin patches that use this very property to efficiently administer the drug into the blood stream. So, intuitively, choosing pure cosmetics just makes sense.

Think for a second about some of the things an average American is likely to put on her skin each day. In shower, one would generally use shampoo, conditioner, soap, and maybe a body wash. Then comes preparation to show the world her best – hand lotion, facial moisturizer, hair styling product, deodorant, fragrance, concealer, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick – just to name a few. It’s an awful lot we put on our skin on an average day. Beginning to wonder if yours are pure cosmetics? Go to the EWG Cosmetics Database and find out. If you’re like most people using mainstream products, you’ll be displeased with what you find.

How can this be? Doesn’t the government ensure that the ingredients used in personal care products and cosmetics are safe? Bluntly, no, As Planet Green, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel, points out, only about 11% of the 10,500+ ingredients used in cosmetic products have been evaluated for safety by the US government. These untested ingredients can be found in many of the name brand cosmetics and personal care products that millions of people use every day.

Some choose to just shrug it off and carry on. But many are troubled by this and want to find ways to ensure they choose pure makeup. Easier said than done. Objective information is hard to come by, and even when sources like EWG provide direction, the products can be hard to find. You’re left with two choices: strike out to your local grocery, discount, or drug store with printed list or iPhone app at your side to find the pure cosmetics needle in the haystack, or let your fingers do the walking… likely the same way you found this article: the magical Google.

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